Travelogue Day 1 ( The European edition) aka “Malice’s Adventures in Blunderland).

Hello Skinlovers! 😀


Gramma’s back, I am sitting in Copenhagen as I write this update also a travlogue. A much needed respite from Amman’s day-to- day dram of nothingness and futility.

Well it all started mid-September when I got a phone call from Dubai, Adrienn (who works for M.A.C.) was on the line and to cut a long story short she asked if I would be interested in going to Paris at their expense to see Rick Baker (google him), so I was like ‘hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnlet me think, ARE YOU INSANE YES I WOULD LIKE HE’S BEEN A HERO OF MINE FOR YEARS’ I screamed and did a little happy dance. So it was arranged and I started getting things together, passports and documents (a story all for itself that one). I decided since I am going why not extend and fly to Denmark too, so I asked Adrienn if it was possible to extend the ticket and I pay the difference (it was Business class after all), she said done and no extra expenses (now that is what I call true PR and business acumen, and not to mention just plain niceness, if it had been one of us Arabs, well, you guys know how THAT would have ended). 🙂

The 8the of October rolls around and I get picked up to be driven to the airport by Mohammad (my go to driver if I am not doing it myself (Rand my friend offered to drive me, but I gave her an out by saying you realise how early it is in the morning!), so we go to the airport in a convertible Mercedes 500, and it was luxury, I get to the airport my check-in literally took 5 minutes I kid you not, so I wander in and go shopping which I do very well.
I go to the gate to check in and some young uppity ground crew who is clueless takes my boarding pass and asks, “Do you have another passport there is no visa in this one?” I give her my passport. And then she gets all flustered, and says they are not the same name, and I reply ” but I am the same person and they obviously okayed the whole thing I am in front of you” and she gets more flustered and asks me to wait and the telephone tag begins. I say to her that I have a printout page with both passports on it which should be fine, and she repeats we weren’t informed and I started to get irritable and I say to her, listen this is not the first time I travel, she replies with a repetition of before, so I hiss at her and say a catalogue of your failure really doesn’t interest me nor does you colleagues lack of planning constitute my emergency the plane is here solve it. And she gets on the phone and the guys say to her let him through. She starts making excuses that for security reasons blah blah blah, to which I reply BULLSHIT, I told you they had the passport printouts and I gave you one too, keep it I insist so you remember this as a learning experience. And I walked off. I take the bus to the plane.
I board the plane and the crew are friendly and I am seated in the Crown Class section for Royal Jordanian, they really were an adorable professional bunch of air munchkins, we take off, and all is well the food was excellent and the munchkins professional and friendly, Amani the supervisor was surprised that I hadn’t rested or slept, and that I was bouncing around giving make-up advice! 😀 As one does.
After 5 and a half hours in the air (we actually had a 10 minute delay because some V.I.P’s were landing and taking off) we landed in Charles De Gaulle aeroport at 16:05. At the Airport I was met by Laurent, a chauffeur of a luxury mercedes. Darlings if you need a fantastic chauffeur in Paris you should hire him amazing amazing amazing here is his contacts: Laurent Le Scour. you will not regret it trust me).  We get me to the car, and he says sorry but it might take an hour to get to the Bel-Ami, I reply I am not in a hurry and I am not worried have nothing to do until 19:30 so he can relax too, and he starts laughing and says not a lot of clients are that relaxed (and to those who know me, no I wasn’t on any medication nada zip!), but I was glad to be there (O and when we stepped of the plane this very handsome tall young security officer takes my passport and say du prater Dansk which means you speak Danish in Swedish, to which I said Nej Jeg taler Dansk og du prater Svensk a very formal way in Danish of saying I speak Danish you speak swedish, and we laughed so that was a good start) Laurent drove me to hotel Bel-Ami and he was very surprised how quick it was (only half an hour).

I arrive at Hotel Bel-Ami St. Germain des Pres 7-11 Rue Benoit 75006 Paris +33 (0) 1 42 61 53 53. Thibault the concierge greeted me, with faces like this greeting you how can one be grumpy.


Thibault is on the left. 😀
So professional and sweet, and I put them through their paces and they passed with flying colours one is a Diva after all!

I went up to my room and rested the rooms were small but tres comfortables! 😀






I am not like other people showing you a pristine untouched room I show you a room likr it really is when used, like my writing no embellishments just the facts! 😀

19:15 I head to the lobby to meet up with Adrienn and Eli (the Lebamese make-up artist). ANd we head out for a Gourmet meal decided by Adrienn and Eli. At the Hotel Lancaster.



Amazing cuisine avoid if you are a vegetarian (as Adrienn and Eli found out!) 😀 I do not think Paris is made for Vegetarians, it is made for Epicureans and Gourmands! 😉 

Anyway after an amazing time out excellent food great wine, chosen by the Sommelier and moi, we stumbled home to rest and be fresh for shopping and  the master-class next day.
So ends the first day of my travel and brings this chapter of my travelogue to a close. Until next time where I regale you with Rick Baker and some small mischief.

Until the next chapter my possums. 😀


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3 Responses to Travelogue Day 1 ( The European edition) aka “Malice’s Adventures in Blunderland).

  1. Walid that sounds like one amazzzzzzzzzing trip!

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