Fear and warmongering in the middle-east…. Or Wag the Dog MKIII

Hello Skinlovers!

As most of you must realise by now we are living in a powder keg and just waiting for the flashpoint to ignite it.

The USA in all its hubris, still thinks the world is falling for its “Cry Wolf” tactics again.
There was a chemical attack on civilians and there are misinformation spreading that it was the Free Syrian Rebels who did it, while they counter (of course) that it was the regime who did it.
Suffice it to say this war is one of propaganda and lies, from both side who are vicious killers and liars. I am  not taking sides but the problem is it is such a polarising topic and most people are divided about it.

We in Jordan have survived the turmoil and messy politics of the region, we are not so easy to destabilise, we are in fact the survivors and profiteers, we usually gain quite a bit (and sometimes lose more, as witnessed by the sky-rocketing prices on real estate and such in Jordan after all the Iraqi refugees. We screwed ourselves royally on that one with the greed of the landowners and renters.
Anyway back on track, the last few days people have been terrified about bombs and chemical attacks on us all I can say is this:

Tick Tock Tick Tock! That is how I think some people are imagining is going on in the region at the moment. The doomsday countdown to an attack on Syria or Syria attacking us.

So let me break it down in a less dramatic more simplified way:
1) We survived much unrest around us.
2) There’s no point in worrying if your number is up then it is your time to kick the bucket and no amount of Hysteria is going to stop that event.
3) What are you going to do about it? Nothing.
4) What can you do about it? Nothing.

So for all the warmongering hysterics out there. Stop take a deep breath, and relax you will give yourself a heart-attack if you do not.000 Bed o nails 000 Doomed small 000 get the point Small 000 Vile 0 1 cthulhu_for_president_throw_pillow


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