Independence Day 67 years on! Where are we?

Woke up with these thoughts rattling around in my head like so many skeletons in peoples closets! 😀

We live in a country that has minimum 200 days of sun and they want to build Nuclear reactors (knowing full well that the area is one of the most tectonically unstable, and that we are expecting a huge earthquake any time soon).

We have the ability to build windmills as an alternative source of power, but some how the idea is stagnating because they cannot figure out how to pay you (the one who builds and contributes extra power to the grid), instead they want to tax you for it…

When you invent something or build some thing, instead of helping you out and promoting you, they throw obstacles in your way. And when you go abroad and make it big, all of a sudden you are the national hero, who had their support from the beginning!

You pay taxes ++ and the prices are exactly the same as in Denmark… What The Falafel! At least in Denmark education and hospitals are available for all, and you do not have to demean yourself to get the help.

We have taxes on taxes and taxes with “special” taxes and yet if you ask any one from the “Tax Department” (because only an expert can deal with the problem), they are flummoxed and can not explain what said taxes are or what they are used for.

We have rules and regulations that make no sense (I know, I know we are not the only ones, but I am talking about our little corner of the world). People implementing them are not doing their jobs to focus on the real things.

And the myriad of thoughts continue on this wonderful independence day, isn’t it ironic…
Why did I even bother getting out of bed. Just Saying….


  • And let me add to those who will surely call me “unpatriotic.

    I am a patriot, the ones who are “unpatriotic” are the ones who take the 10%, who are corrupt, who steal, who create dangerous projects and then abandon them, the ones who have milked this country dry, and the list goes on.
    I am a patriot because I think of these things and I dare to say them out loud, because I speak the truth I am unafraid.

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