Only an expert can deal with the problem! (Adventures in smart arse know it all -ness, or people who think they do).

Hello Skinlovers!

Back again.

After a discussion over the telephone (between a person & me) that went something like this:
P: I am interested in a make-over and I heard you do that.
Me: You heard correct, I am a Styling Image Consultant.
P: What’s that?
Me: A person who does make overs, someone whoredesigns your look from A to Z, who redfines you and brings out the best looks wise and style wise.
P: That’s Nice, but I have to tell you red doesn’t suit me, nor does (here follows a catalogue of colours that do not suit her that is seriously too long to write).
Me: Am I to understand that you only wear Black, that is very stylish.
P: NO I like Colours but, I don’t like these colours and I refuse to wear them.
Me: Okay how about we go through your wardrobe and see what exactly is wrong.
P: O there’s nothing wrong with my style, all my friends say I have great taste I want to come to you so I can do what you do since I have great taste. And I want to become  a designer or a personal shopper since I know how to shop.
Me: Uhm, Can you repeat that?
P: Yes my friends said I have great taste and I should be a designer or a personal shopper, and I heard of you and what you do and I think I can do that very well.
Me: Small tiny question? Do your friends and you shop in the same places?
P: Yes?
Me: Do you go to the same hairdressers?
P: Yes.
Me Let me guess also the same gym.
P: Yes.
Me: Then I suggest you go to a Lab, because you are all clones of each other. Of course your friends think you have style and taste you guys have the same things and the same looks. On the other hand if you want to do what I do you have to learn the following:

  • Fashion History.
  • Fashion Design.
  • Styling.
  • Make-up.
  • Psychology

Now after learning all that you have to work in the field of fashion and styling for several years, then you to be savvy and up to date, it is not a matter of following fashion, but creating a realistic workable style that is tailor-made for your client. Which might involve actually getting things made for them. Also it is not enough to rely on your friends you have to see what works on the catwalk and off the catwalk, and how it can be translated into functional and realistic style.
P: But I thought I could you know come for a few sessions and I should be able to do it.
Me: That would be unrealistic.
P: I can do it I don’t think I will need your help after.
Me: I am sure you do not. Since you already have decided. Good luck.

Now this is one of the odd conversations I had today.

Ladies ladies ladies!

Please do not call on an expert/professional and then proceed to tell them what suits you and what doesn’t! And if red is your colour and blue isn’t. I am not interested.

As the professional, and I am assuming you called on me because you somehow heard that I am. I will advise you, and guide you to what suits you ore according to skin-tone, hair colour, and eye colour.
If you call on someone like me and proceed to tell me what you like and what you want, I automatically am antagonised. You have to work out a relationship of trust with your Image Consultant, this happens when you sit down review your options and style and what you do on a day-to-day basis. It develops.
But when you come in with all the preconception and say that this and this doesn’t suit me. I don’t like this. I don’t want this. All that is saying to me is you want to use me as a robot and think I operate by remote.

Now I am all for clients telling me likes and dilikes but there is a way of saying it. You do not dare to presume to tell me how to do my job, I have been doing it for years.
Now all those editors and fashion editors and so-called savants in the glossies here have no prior experience, the do not know the practical side of fashion and style, they see things in magazines and regurgitate it a month later in their own (Yes this is how it works here, nothing new there) unlike abroad where the looks and styles are already decided 6 months in advance minimum. You heard it straight from here, by the time the clever clogs in this town have thrown up an imitation it is already old news in the fashion world abroad.

My facebook status from earlier with an another text:
“Ladies ladies ladies!

Please do not call on an expert/professional and then proceed to tell them what suits you and what doesn’t! And if red is your colour and blue isn’t. I am not interested.

As the professional, and I am assuming you called on me because you somehow heard that I am. I will advise you, and guide you to what suits you ore according to skintone, hair colour, and eye colour.
It is not in my best interest to make you look like either a drag queen or a cross between Ronald Mc Donald & Bozo the Clown!

So when you call on someone like me listen and learn, it might change your perspective and you will see yourself in a different way.

A hairdresser is NOT a make-up expert, he has had a couple of courses in make-up but that does not make him and expert.

More insulting is when you are dealing with a Styling IMage Consultant and you presume that you know more than thme. Sorry you do not.
I have spent my whole life studying fashion, psychology, style and skincare to create a complete package. And I will not be told by someone who just read it online or in the latest issue of a glossy magazine how it is supposed to be, nor will I be dictated to about what you want and like.


A sad but Truism.

Now fashion is NOT your friend, if it was expalin Ballon dresses and parachute trousers?
ANother thing that girl at the Chanel/YSL/ Dior/ Estee/ Givenchy is not your new best friend. She is there to sell you as much as possible, and to get you to buy the latest look. So if she offers you a demonstration, always be on the look out for how here make up is and how it is looking. If it is caked on and ugly run, if it is natural and stunning then trust your face in them there hands.

I find myself attacking the fashion system constantly, well, my reputation is that of the stylist who hates fashion and detests fads and that is why I can give you the scoop on what is real and what is not, because I am emancipated from slavery of the fashion dictators.

To sum it up, as my late  mother and grandmother used to say: “You have to use style as your weapon, because style, grace refinement and elegance are the things that will make you sail through society smoothly whereas with fashion you can easily wind up looking like a grotesque parody of a clown.”

I listen to that advice all the time it echoes in my head, I had two great stylish elegant and refined women to guide me and I learnt it all from them.
I set out to make my clients into divine beings, warrior goddesses who can outshine any man on any given day.




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