On humanity and inhumanity within the so called educational and societal ranks…

Hello Skinlovers!

This is for the Arabic speakers mainly but I will write the gist of things to elaborate…


A report from Gulf News:
http://gulfnews.com/news/region/jordan/abuse-rampant-at-jordan-care-homes-1.1022495  (Obviously translated from the Arabic BBC site)…
A reporter went undercover in two  special needs schools in Jordan and uncovered a myriad of atrocities being committed against the pupils there. What she discovered was so horrific that it stirred up a hornets nest, even our king had to step in and demand an inquiry take place to see what the hell happened.

Now comes the rant!
Society gasped in horror at the revelations of the BBC Documentary!
Bull-crap, the only reason they gasped in horror was that the atrocities and molestations were exposed, AND THAT IS THE ONLY REASON…
Let me explain, in schools of east-Amman teachers still beat the students (even though it is expressly forbidden by law since day one of the inception of civil laws and in the constitution), yes people beating a student or a child is illegal not even a parent can do so!
Now let us move on to the more corrupt thing, it is the society itself that is sick, we have a bunch of ignorant idiots breeding and inbreeding and popping out kids like there is no tomorrow of course some of them will be born slight handicapped whether physically or mentally, and here is where the horror comes in. Society treats  these kids as pariahs (although thanks to their highnesses Prince Raad bin Zeid and Princess Majda Raad things have started to change slightly), where anyone with a handicap was shunned locked away akin to medieval times.

It is the society of 3eib (shame) that we have to get rid of, stupid people running around saying 3eib to anything, like ostriches they expect us to put our heads in the sand and pretend there is no problem and that it will go away.
We have to get rid of the 3eib because we are behaving like the Victorian era (which was one of the most perverted and sick times filled with false humility and modesty), now is the time to strike at those who use 3eib to destroy other peoples lives, there is no 3eib, there is no we can’t say that! Instead we should be open to discuss even the most unpleasant of things.
A woman goes to get a mammogram and asks the doctor to give her a clean bill of health so her husband does not divorce her…. WTF?
Women come into the doctors office various parts of their bodies gangrened and rotting because again they are scared their men will leave them, THIS IS THE 3EIB! Shame on you men and women for allowing men like that to exist shame on you society for letting kids who cannot defend themselves be attacked so viciously.
The shame is in not confronting the bullies of society who would condemn someone for having a disease, a defect, and anything wrong with them.
And what sickens me most is the holier than thou attitude they run around with, and all of them pretend to be so holy and well versed in religions. SHAME ON YOU!

Our society is sick and they are looking at the minorities to scapegoat them, and blame them for all their ills. But no! This will not be tolerated so thank you BBC and Miss Khandakji for blasting open this Pandora’s box of ills and hypocrisy, kudos to you for your bravery and my utmost respect.

Now will someone get, catch, and incarcerate the evil-doers and punish them, and hopefully not sweep this horror under the rugs in the hopes it will disappear. Because it will not! It will fester and simmer until it explodes again and unfortunately that also might be with the death of a student and an ungodly cover-up….


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