Sadness of a kind not a lot of people understand (the loss of a pet)…

Hello Skinlovers,

I am an emotional wreck today!

Story goes as such, I had to put my dog down, and this happened at 08:45 (local time) this morning.
After a months debate we agreed it had to be done. He was biting and my father showed extreme restraint from not shooting him (he had bitten my Dad 6 times and the last time he needed stitches). And we have children, so we said this can’t go on.

So here is the saga of Whiskey the Daemon dog from hell and my beloved baby, I loved this dog like there was no tomorrow.

When my old German Shepherd Husky was getting on in years (he passed away at 13), I said I had better get a young puppy to be trained by husky before he passed away, and one day we get a phone call out of the blue, two Philippinas had found a fluffy little thing and they asked if we wanted it, we went and saw it and I fell in love this dog became known as Whiskey.
Now WHiskey gre up, and the vets who saw him couldn’t believe how big as the Canaanites are he was still bigger, a Canaanite on Steroids if you will. From day 1 he had a mind of his own, he chose his sofa (an antique from1783) and that was it his bed. He was like a cat he chose when he wanted to play, when he wanted to eat, and try putting a leash on him and you were minced meat. Yet he was a happy playful dog who loved nothing more than wrestling and nipping at my shoes(while I was still in them, shoes alone were boring). He understood commands and knew so many different words, he was amazing.

Unfortunately he bit people, and as his breed is a wild hunting dog, he did so without prior warning, first times he bit us we put it down to our fault, but the times after that he was all to blame. THe 6 vets that I consulted said that this is his breed they are like that no re-training will stop them and nothing to do but put him down. I fought that decision for a long time, but when he bit my Dad the last time and his canine incisor went through a watch face that was that, so we had to put him down. THe toughest call of my life was phoning the vet to come and help.
He did and this dogs will to live shocked even the vet, but eventually after huge doses of Anaesthetic and other medications he went quietly and in my arms.

I am gutted, and demolished. If I had been on my own and not worried about Dad, ROsita (yes the hand that fed him was also bitten), And my nephew and niece, then I wouldn’t have don it. But I had to take that into consideration if the dog bit one of the kids like he bit dad the kid would have lost a limb.

And all the smart-arse that said put him on a farm. Well, that would have been like putting him abandoned on the street. Not happening, my dog was used to 3 hot meals a day, Chicken being the main staple and various other foods that we ate. He would not eat unless fed something from the table. This amazing dog would not steal from the table even the low tables if they had something on them he would not touch…

Whiskey was a unique dog, smart as a whip, and above all else a lovely dog, but his unpredictable nature was his end.

So goodbye Whiskey ,my lovely friend, hope mother watches over you with the others, and I hope you find your peace, you will be missed my baby.



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