What the hell is going on in peoples brains ( a commentary on intolerance and imbecilic bigotry)

Hello Skinlovers!

I just watched this:

It’s in Arabic and it’s an anti-LGBTQI (and what have you) sensationalist piece.

They are interviewing people and the things being said by some is completely unacceptable,

For instance a veiled woman say they should have no rights, and they shouldn’t even be in Jordan, mother effing cow from HELL! Who the hell does she think she is? Really, seriously!!!!! 
ANd the “Intersex” person who agreed to be interviewed, really girlfriend really, you didn’t even think for one second you were going to have your words twisted, and FYI you are NOT the example of the LGBTQ community you are the opposite you are the stereotype and a negative one that re0enforces the whole idea of gays being limp-wrist women wannabes. Not that there is anything wrong with women! But I am sick of the whole 1950’s outdated idea of Butch and femme gays, like humanity is diversified so is the gay and lesbian world.
Yes there are the feminine gays, yes there are the drag-queens and no they do not take sexual pleasure from dressing up as a woman they are the parody of the ideal woman, not transvestites who do take sexual pleasure out of dressing up as women and they can be straight, nor the intersex who believe they were born into the wrong body.  There are the doctors the scientists the artists the lawyers the business men the fathers the brothers, and do NOT try and label them labels are for things not people ENOUGH!

Are your lives so empty and devoid of content and miserable that you have to spread it like a virus onto others? Really isn’t there enough misery in this world that you have to make it more so? Don’t you see that by attacking them you are just making an intolerable situation worse?
And beside what is it to do with you?
DO NOT BRING RELIGION INTO IT! Because NONE of YOU are living by the precepts of religion to the letter. And if you were you would know that religion is between you and God, for only GOD can judge a human you are fallible and thus you have no right to sit in judgement upon another. Deal wit it and get over yourselves already.
Learn this:

WHAT GOES ON IN MY PANTS IS BETWEEN ME AN MY DRY-CLEANERS, AND IS NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS!  And this applies to everything I do in life. Whether I am straight gay bisexual or intersexed, it is still none of your business!

This sense of entitlement people feel when it comes to giving opinions about this matter is unbelievable. Also very uneducated!

For instance this trend where people think that Homosexuality can be cured. Ahem, in order for it to be cured it has to be a disease, and unfortunately for you guys it is not! It has been removed a few years ago from the Psychiatric diseases list…

Then the idea that gays are child molester, ding again wrong! It has been proven that molesters are generally non gender specific it is the child they molest, and they are not GAY!

O and the idea that is is a choice said with such knowledge and assurance (how the hell would you know, you are not one of them!), so there’s a 10% of society that intentionally chooses to be vilified, sworn at, marginalised, and attacked constantly. O yaaay what a thrill, as if life wasn’t that hard already for them. I mean it must be thrilling to live with the threat of death hanging over your head just because you love someone of the same gender. REALLY a CHOICE? NOT!

And the list goes on and on.

Here’s a bit of lifetime advice:
Get your head out of your arse, you are suffering from Oxygen-deprivation and cannot think straight (pun intended), mind your own business. I am sure your life has enough worries, that you don’t need to worry about something that really does not concern you and is most definitely none of your business.

Parting words:
It has been proven over the last 20 years in various studies and research that Homophobes are afraid of something that is intrinsic in their nature, hence the really violent reaction to homosexual! Food for thought next time you think you can beat “the Gay” out of someone. Just proves how pathetic and weak you are. Just saying!  



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