World AIDS day!

Hello Skinlovers!

Yet another December 1st where things are more or less the same. Religion using the LGBT as their scapegoats for everything ill, and the LGBT gang running around like chicken little demanding “marriage” (so many a time I have said just call it registered partnership and demand all the rights of marriage a civil union if you will! It makes things easier.), why do you want to tag religion unto it, after all according to  “faithful” clerics “God hates fags!” See what I mean you really are fighting to be accepted by a bunch of morons, get blessed by a friendly cleric but keep the partnership out of the places of worship. Get your rights to treated as equal human beings (isn’t that more important than putting your faith in an invisible being who might or might not exist, sort of like playing roulette is it not?).

Be that as it is people have become complacent, they are not taking care of their health, and this applies to both LGBT and straights! People think a cure for AIDS is just around the corner, and that a vaccine will be miraculously invented (yes science is on the verge of making huge breakthrough on that front, but we still have a way to go). So people be careful don’t bareback, don’t indulge in unsafe practices and mainly don’t whine if you catch something! You get what you deserve…

People have been so distracted by the fight to get a same-sex marriage bill through the senate (in the USA) that things like Cancer and AIDS research have been put on the back burner. I find that they are really illogical on that point! Isn’t finding a cure more important thatn some priest or whatever saying you got Gods blessing to be with the person you love, am I the only one who see the twisted ideology there? Or?

Take to the streets, make people aware, make them see the LGBT community is just like any other, and normal people with the same worries as everyone else. Do not be swayed or side-tracked by unimportant inconsequential things like “marriage” this is such an outdated old fashioned notion that really has no place in modern society. Yes I am against MARRIAGE, it is nothing more than indentured slavery, where women and men sign over themselves to some idiotic notion that they will be forever together! Uhm YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOO WRONG! Look around you divorce is like catching a bad case of the flu… So there goes its sanctity, and look how people are treating the “sanctity of marriage” cheating screwing around and more. So really spare me the double-speak and the rhetoric it is all a classic in the back-end product of an elephant not a bull!

So be aware that AIDS is a retro-virus that keeps on changing and evolving into something infinitely more dangerous, so be careful and remember to ask your partners about their sexual history, and remember nearly EVERYONE LIES! And all their partners will be yours.

So on this day remember the ones who passed away from this disease, remember how in the beginning of the AIDS pandemic they were shunned, and the bigots took over the world and nearly destroyed it. Remember those who were and are shunned by their families because they decided not to be hypocrites and they spoke out against this trend of terror yes you heard it terror, because this is what straights are doing to the LGBT they are TERRORISING them trying to keep them quiet.

Ponder this on this day of remembrance!

Be Loud Be Proud Be Heard but mainly BE SAFE!


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2 Responses to World AIDS day!

  1. mangatake says:

    *applauds* Belated reply. I agree with most of your post, but I’m not so sure whether AIDs research has taken second priority because of the marraige issue. Out of curiosity, is anything being done on a local level to help the LGBT community with AIDs related issues?

    • descantia says:

      Not really, it’s more of a blanket thing (covering the general populous). Though the Red Cross/Crescent did try the anonymous testing thing, which I think is still ongoing. But if there is actually something concrete on the awareness front I don’t know, all I see is silly illustrated nonsensical ads on which they have spent a fortune and are really worth nothing.

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