Notes on the film industry here in Jordan (aka why I usually am not working on them)…

Hello Skinlovers!

Gramma here back again with a little tale of snarkiness!

I was browsing through my notes on facebook quite a while back, and I found this one, which I re-read and though hmmm this is still relevant so here we go:


The film industry inJordanis a fledgling industry

That said there is a tendency from the side of the productions that come from abroad to look down upon us, and to treat us as if we have no skills, and so they try to bring down the salaries of the locals, and speaking from my own experiences with several films that came here, I find it insulting, that they try and do that, or they try and force the assistant tag upon you, which makes me livid…

After 25+ years in the business abroad it makes me livid.

My prices reflect my experiences and the level and quality of productions which I am used to dealing with, so when I sit across someone who tries to belittle me in a negotiation I tend to be rather abrupt and blunt to the extent I have the reputation of being “Difficult” (translation, I didn’t give them the answer they wanted) and “too expensive” (translation: they’re low budget).

I think it is brilliant that we are trying to promoteJordanas a place to film and to study film making, but that said, it is also not right that we have to compromise our rates in a clear case of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

We have the RFC (the Royal Film Commission) which is great, but the RFC has also to look out for the interests of the Jordanians with experience, skills, and know how, which they are indeed trying hard to do, but there is only so much they can do.

The Foreign productions are wary of the skills here, as they do not have a clue of what we can do, so it is a catch 22 situation.

We have the people, the know-how, and some of us do have years of experience to fall back on. And the foreign productions are running rampant over the Jordanians, some even had the audacity to bring in someone from England for locations in Jordan, where is the logic in that? He doesn’t know the language or the mentality.

And I for one refuse to bend over backwards to please Hollywood or anyone at the expense of my craft, salary, and dignity, I choose my projects carefully, I refuse to work on any war films/documentaries, anything that casts us as Arabs in a bad light.

We have the chance to create something great in the film industry, but we have to be aware that we shouldn’t sell ourselves short in our haste to bring in foreign productions.

My favourite quote is: : ”If you pay peanuts then hire monkeys to work for you!” 


I have been writing in the same vein in vain, and even sound like an Ipod tune stuck in repeat mode. It is rather irritating to me since I hate repeating myself. But as the Danes say: Repetition is the mistress of all learning… O well wait and see hope for the best.


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