On hysteria, over- sentimentalism, and over- emotionalism (just an average day in Amman)…..

Greetings Skin-Lovers!

And we’re back.

It has recently come to my attention that there are solar flares that will interfere with satellite reception over the course of the next few days (or was it in the last few days) who cares I don’t, maybe it may be a blessing in disguise… Or will people really believe I hexed their BB’s & Iphones! It has been an odd coincidence that a lot of my friends Blackberry’s  and I-phones just started to go berserk in the last two weeks! 😀

While out on the town I have noticed an alarming trend or pandemic shall we call it. The BB & Iphone rudeness syndrome, the most well- mannered people are turning into social slovenly slobs. You sit there with a group and not one is keeping eye contact or REALLY listening to your conversations, which led me to formulate a theory.

So here we go:
Am I the only one who has noticed an increase in drama, hyper-sensitivity, and a general over exaggerated sense of self-worth that is totally mis-placed?
I mean seriously people are you THAT important (at least maybe you are in your own version of reality) that you have to be on your BB all the time, or are you that emotionally stunted that you have to be on Grindr & Whats app (or whatever it is called). REALLY? You sit there in a social setting and you are so wrapped up in your on-line conversations that you totally ignore everyone around you. NOW THAT IS JUST PLAIN RUDE and ILL-MANNERED. And no you CAN’T MULTI-TASK that is just an unimaginable cart-load of the product from the back end of an elephant, and you are drowning in it!

Question! Do you think dear reader (as I do) that emotional instability goes hand in hand with the advent and popularity of BB’s & I-Phones? 😀

I really do think with the rise in smart-phones usage that people have lost track of manners and social skills, kids and adults today are talking in SMS and text form, they are misunderstanding and over-reacting to everything. So X didn’t add you to their FB friends, the end of the world is not neigh. So Y didn’t give you their BBM handle, so effing what the world did not stop spinning on its axis, nor did it tilt an extra 5 degrees in either direction.
People need to take a step back and take a deep breath and learn some etiquette.
One of the main things to learn is this:
DO NOT CHECK YOUR EFFING BB or IPHONE every 1 second. STOP IT INSTANTLY, people like myself will get pissed off, it is both rude and completely class-less. You go to a social setting and you pu your BB and I-phone face down and on silent, there is NOTHING that you have to urgently see to, if you are not a surgeon or the prime minister then effing learn the rules of social manners and behaviour. Your constant answering messages and checking of social networking sites is not fit for “polite -Society”. So whatever shred of civility you have has instantly evaporated when you pick up that phone.
Phone rings and you check who it is, if it is your home your parent you excuse yourself and you answer, but if it is a piddling message of no importance what so ever like where your friends are, then NO you DO NOT need to answer it.

An exercise in restraint and control is called for.

I really get extremely irritated with it and people look at me like I am insane ( well, after seeing that type of irresponsible rude behaviour it did drive me around the bend) in some small manner.
My whole being just vibrates on a level that makes me want to reach out and slap people and throw water or coffee on their phones, yes that is what seeing all those people sitting at one table and ignoring each other is doing!

The idea that people have become more illiterate, unstable and hyper is correlated with the advances in internet connectivity. You can’t deny the fact that since people can connect to the internet at any given time is a clear portend of doom, and a bell sounding the demise of social skill. By the way have any of you noticed that clubs are disappearing, and that pubs and internet venues are taking hits too? Or is it just me thinking ahead of myself (again!) ? Just like the printed word and the newspapers are suffering.
One can’t help but wonder where is it all heading.

Tweets, Facebook, A small world, My________ (my space), and all the others of that ilk, have made us more social yet at the same time more disconnected.
All of a sudden you are important because you have tweeted a thousand+ times, REALLY? To me it looks like you just have tooooo much time on your hands. Do something for the animals instead volunteer at the shelter. Do something for someone else instead of continuously tweeting how fabulous your life is, because from where I am sitting it only shows that you have a miserable life devoid of content, and that you have too much time to contemplate your navel which leads to the Hysteria, misunderstandings, over-emotionalism and  crap that makes you miserable and completely unable  to cope with what life throws at you without breaking down (by the way this is a general statement that applies to a huge majority of people out there unfortunately, I am not targeting or singling anyone out in particular, just saying!). 😀


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3 Responses to On hysteria, over- sentimentalism, and over- emotionalism (just an average day in Amman)…..

  1. I read this on my ‘BB’… well most of it…. busy man you know :p

    Follow up post coming to Shoofeemafi soon, as i have been thinking the same. 🙂

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