SNIPPY NIPPY BOLSHIE BOO! (Ponderous thoughts on a ponderous whatever)….

Hell-O Skinlovers!

And we’re back! I’ve been flying my broomstick around town at night, hibernating in the day, since Vampires cannot tolerate sunlight nor heat. 😀

Ramadan passed us by in all its glory. And the shades of hypocrisy were very vibrant. everyone turning politically religiously correct (except Syria but that is another story for another time).
I found this year more tolerable than last year, there wasn’t so much whining or complaining thank God for that!
Seriously it was verging on pleasant, I think fewer people were fasting this year, it was kind of odd.
I did not go on holiday this year because like a fool I trusted some tramp who said she absolutely needed my services for her make-up. O well that didn’t happen not even a sorry I bothered you, actually this reminds me (block report delete from FB).

I have once again been pondering retiring from the make-up scene (no do not panic dear clients, it is only for a short while), I have decided I should really concentrate on doing the speaking tour, concentrating on the Art my art to be precise. The more I see of the so-called respected artists the more I say O dear. And if any of you think it is envy think again, I was responsible for Jordan’s first comic book art exhibition at Zara Gallery Hyatt Hotel in 2001 (where I traced through my art the various modes of comic book/modern art from linear B&W drawings, pen and ink water colour to PC generated images) it was called into the realm of the senses, I even had a manifesto, imagine that! 🙂
O well, my friends are saying it is time to do one again, so I should really oblige. But what to do when people look at something innocent and say “O that is pornography we cannot exhibit that!”
Uhm? What? Fine art has nudity! Example Michaelangelo’s David which is in the Vatican where a bunch of nuns and priests are running around seeing it everyday (dangly bits and all), I guess it is a simple case of one man’s art is another man’s porn it all boils down to perception…
I find this incessant need to self-censoring rather tedious, and this applies to all areas of life and society, magazines an article I wrote about bereavement was not printed, Why?Because “everyone grieves in their own way and this would be insensitive to print.” (the article was about bereavement and grieving!), Art, Politics, and so on and so forth this sick political correctness and everyone acting like Miss Manners and trying to tell everyone how to behave! Well, thanks a lot, but I have been well brought up in my own environment and I do know how to behave and I will not submit to some ones vision of what Bourgeois version of manners is (you cannot expect of an artist to live by the petty morals of aforesaid Bourgeois)…

Tired and bored am I, try to go to new places, service is crap wherever you set foot, if it isn’t the waiters trying to tell you what taste is, to bartenders arguing with you how your favourite drink is mixed, to the valet ruining your car, need I go on? I am sure there are legions of you out there who have horror stories to share. And we sit down and sometimes we take it, but most of the times I do not. I am paying for a service, and I am also expecting it to be excellent not to be glared at, stared at, argued with! That is when the gates of hell and the wrath of all Demons are unleashed, well, they asked for it didn’t they? 🙂

Politics, let us not discuss that, the only country in the region that had no foreign debt is under siege, yes, Syria. Isn’t it funny how they want to topple the regime when the regime kept them out of the clutches of the USA, IMF, & World-bank’s bankrupting influence? Yes I know the Assad’s were not and are not fluffy and cuddly, and Bashar was a twerp for listening to his advisor’s and thinking the Status Quo  was fine, that is what you get for believing your own press release. I am not endorsing them, but the idea of the above mentioned corporations getting their hooks into Syria is paining me. I had hoped the government would have been able to see the light and given a few reforms but no, o well, simplistic worldview here I come.

And isn’t it remarkable how when the shoe is on the other foot things become clearer, case in point Turkey & Israel! I love Erdugan I adore him, he says it like it is, First by slamming Israel, and treating them exactly how they treat everyone else (and the whining you hear from Israeli’s who have to be thoroughly searched and wait in lines for hours on end, doesn’t that sound familiar?), the fact that Turkey has demanded an apology from Israel for its killing of the 9 Turkish relief workers, which Israel refuses to do (Since the illegal blockade in international waters was declared by the cowards and back-stabbers in the U.N. as legal! 2 words Maritime Law! Look up the rules for international waters), the fact remains that Israel will keep on doing what it does with impunity, and then they have the nerve to cite U.N. resolutions at the world when they have not even kept to a single agreement they signed, nor followed a single resolution set by the U.N. against them. And when they are called out they bleat the following “Poor us the holocaust you know”, “Anti-semitics”, “Fighting terrorism”, & “we are the only democracy in the region”. Here are a word for Israel to ponder: Apartheid, Genocide (against the Palestinians), Land grabbing, Double-standards, Lies, & Illegal Nuclear Arms, just a few words that can beused in any argument about Zionism.
That said the Palestinians (correction the Arabs in general) should really get over themselves! Know this, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET RID OF ISRAEL AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO “PUSH THEM BACK INTO THE SEA” not happening now or ever. Israel should realise that the 1967 borders including Jerusalem are not up for discussion nor concession, and it is NOT the capitol of Israel, point plain and simple.
The United States of Israel, why do I call it that? Well, they are, it is the only explanation for why the veto against most resolutions and charges or anything going against Israel is used so frequently. They keep on bleating to the Arabs “we are your friends”, we will give you money, but if the Palestinians ask for their rights we will cut off all Aids money until you toe the line and behave like good little children being bullied.  And some of the biggest criminals are USAID, they say we give you so much money you have to listen to us, and we reply humbug! You give us money with the proviso of: “you have to hire our experts” (we pay them exorbitant salaries, and they have no clue what they are doing, and most of them are clueless about how things are done! (thanks for nothing).
Back to Turkey, I love the fact that Turkey has promised an armed escort for the flotilla in International waters Yaaaay go Turkey go! Let us see what Israel says, O I forgot Netanyahoo (pun intended) has said that Turkey’s discontent with Israel will pass and things will return to normal (I am sure they are counting on USA/USI’s influence on Turkey by strong-arm tactics), anyway go Turkey Go! 🙂

So here I stand on my towering soapbox, the pundit of things ironic, looking around at the world through rose tinted lenses with a jaundiced eye and I think… Why bother! Seriously why bother, then I remember that I am not alone, and there are plenty of people who view the world in the same way that I do, nad if they don’t agree with everything I say at least they find it amusing.

So world correct me if I am wrong (which I do not think I am), and tell me how you see things? 😀


About descantia

A melting pot of contradictions! Artist, Designer (most media), Copywriter, Thespian, Chanteuse, Dancer, Performance artist, Make-up artist and so much more... The penultimate liberal hedonist with conservative leanings! Exacting, free, libertine with a Courtesan mentality! Honest, blunt, viciously unkind when dealing with fools, ingrates, liars, and any deceivers. Detests: Hypocrisy, Disloyalty, Infidelity, Stupidity, Anyone Devoid of Morals Ethics and decent manners and behaviour. Loves being a Snarky Grumpy Bitter Old Elitist!
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3 Responses to SNIPPY NIPPY BOLSHIE BOO! (Ponderous thoughts on a ponderous whatever)….

  1. kinziblogs says:

    Now that was a rant! Every topic under the sun, making up for weeks of little Descantia.

    Do take a sabbatical from make-up and delve into some other artistic venue. I am sure you have some G-rated comics?

    (sorry about the editorial axe and the thoughtless woman who cancelled. Boo)

    • descantia says:

      😀 I am cool with it, and I do understand but…. It irks me in no small measure! 🙂

    • descantia says:

      I was thinking of doing a set of Iconclast, not so much as destroying religious figures (which I adore by the way) but creating my own set of Icons and Saints sort of poking a bit of tongue in cheek humor at the Catholic tendency to Sanctify everyone and their grandmother. Like I said not the religion but the institution, nothing vulgar though just creating Saints lie one called Saint Farah of the Make-up trailer Trailer, and St. Madalaine of the Bright colours. You know more cute than blasphemy.

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