The Irony of it all!

Hello Skinlovers!

So I am watching the messy market that is the trial of Hussni Mubarak the ex-president of Egypt. And I am reading the comments people have on it.

To those of you who are calling for blood (most of you non-Egyptians!) Really? You have no right to scream bloody murder. And to those of you who had the temerity to ask me if I even knew who Mubarak was… Well, I do have an inkling that I do know who he is. But I also know that coffee table politics that you espouse is useless. You obviously have no clue about history, and the repercussions of revolutions.
Also add to it you numpties: He resigned he wasn’t deposed. He stayed in Egypt and did not flee as he could have. So calling for his head is null and void. He should be taken to trial for embezzlement I agree, but not for the crimes his underlings (read chief of police) committed, nor his sons crimes. If he was Gaddafi or Assad one would understand the vehemence against him. But this decrepit old fart, no.

I mentioned on my FB that with revolution comes blood, with all this hate comes the thirst for revenge at whomever is seen to be in the targets site.

The whole spectacle looks like a bad Soap opera. They shouldn’t have had all the defendants in at the same time nor the gaggle of lawyers there too, it just turned into a farce and that is not right for a court of law, it just took on the dimensions of a fish market.

I am against tyrants who squash their people through bloody and violent means. I am against people who scream for democracy and yet want blood (colour you hypocrite much do we!). I am against histrionics! Yes all this hysteria surrounding this is actually mind-boggling. And the government and court pandering to the people in Tahrir Square is simply not acceptable. The court proceedings should be held behind closed doors with a camera crew filming it, it needs to be held with dignity, in order to maintain the respectability of the court proceedings. And not run like a cattle market as is the case now.

O well let us see what drama unfolds.

Until next time…


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