Thoughts on life!

Hello Skinlovers,

It was brought home to me how fleeting and short and mainly unpredictable life is.
With the shocking horrific death of my second cousin who was ripped from this life in a most gruesome manner, it made me think and here are my thoughts…

Life is indeed too short to spend it worrying about public opinion and bowing to societies false morality. The message here is live your life without the fear of what others are going to say about you, because believe me they will talk about you. So give them something to talk about!
General public doesn’t give a damn about you when you go home and shut your doors, they don’t care if you are happy or not!
Living your life without making any apologies for the way you live, that is the key to happiness.
Insensitivity is the secret formula, so stop being sensitive to others demands and make some of your own.

My credo is this from henceforth:
I will live as I have always lived. My life is an open book and I do NOT make apologies for the paths I have chosen, good or bad choices they were my own to make and NO ONE will tell me that how I have lived is wrong! They are not me, and thus they cannot even fathom half the things I have seen, the pain I have felt, the loss the drama the tragedies all the little dirty secrets that have made me into the person I am today.
I will not be told, nor will I allow lesser beings to sit in judgement on how I live, you do not count in my life if you do not respect me and my life.

To those of you who think you know about life, and there are a lot of you out there! I say this keep yourselves away from me, and keep my name out of your mouth unless there is really substantial proof and something to talk about, walk a few steps in my shoes and do not speak until you have paid your dues ( yes I am talking to you brats that are 20 something and think you are entitled to an opinion while living off your parents money), you should not even cast stone whether you live in glass houses or not, because I will catapult and rain down on you a wrath that is of biblical proportions.

As I grow more intolerant to people’s criticism because I realised that who the hell are you to decide what is good for me and what is not when you haven’t even lived?

The Laws of God, The Laws of Man

        by A. E. Housman (1859-1936)

The laws of God, the laws of man,
He may keep that will and can;
Not I: let God and man decree
Laws for themselves and not for me;
And if my ways are not as theirs
Let them mind their own affairs.
Their deeds I judge and much condemn,
Yet when did I make laws for them?

Please yourselves, say I, and they
Need only look the other way.
But no, they will not; they must still
Wrest their neighbour to their will,
And make me dance as they desire
With jail and gallows and hell-fire.
And how am I to face the odds
Of man’s bedevilment and God’s?
I, a stranger and afraid
In a world I never made.
They will be master, right or wrong;
Though both are foolish, both are strong.
And since, my soul, we cannot fly
To Saturn nor to Mercury,
Keep we must, if keep we can,
These foreign laws of God and man.

These are  the most profound words I have read ever, I live my life by these words, the general public be damned to hell all of them for they know not nor do they care of the state of my affairs they try to bind with their lies, yet I am free and I despise.

A tragic passing like what happened is a strange wake-up call, my advice to all is a simple rule LIVE YOUR LIVES WITHOUT WORRY OF OTHER’S CONDEMNATION, AND WITH ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS!

If you are going to have any regrets have them before you do anything and then do it anyway and be relieved for at least as a counter-fashion you have lived, can anyone who criticises you say otherwise? No they cannot…

Be Proud, Be Loud, Be Free!


About descantia

A melting pot of contradictions! Artist, Designer (most media), Copywriter, Thespian, Chanteuse, Dancer, Performance artist, Make-up artist and so much more... The penultimate liberal hedonist with conservative leanings! Exacting, free, libertine with a Courtesan mentality! Honest, blunt, viciously unkind when dealing with fools, ingrates, liars, and any deceivers. Detests: Hypocrisy, Disloyalty, Infidelity, Stupidity, Anyone Devoid of Morals Ethics and decent manners and behaviour. Loves being a Snarky Grumpy Bitter Old Elitist!
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2 Responses to Thoughts on life!

  1. ‘Society’….. shudder….. enjoyed this one a lot. More gobbets and poems like the above please!

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