Road, trip, wedding, and then some!

Hell-O Skinlovers! 😀

Just got back from a road trip to Aqaba (the Red Sea) thanks to J & Feras. I called it the Driving Miss Daisy Extravaganza! ( Actually J called it “Driving Miss Daisy”! Because I was stressing out for a couple of weeks on how to get there, was cranky and out of sorts, so Jay suggested he drive Miss Daisy! And I loved the idea, who wouldn’t!).

So we drove the 300 km to Aqaba, Miss Daisy doing the entertaining, J driving and doing a bloody good job of it too (Feras nodding off in the back seat, so much for the energy of youth!). We took the highway and it was dreary and so dull, never realised how many shades of beige and greige our country is. Unbelievable the desert road was crappy bumpy and a snore-fest…
We stopped along the way at a rest house to drink coffee and have a bathroom break. While there I observed the usual predatory male behaviour upon seeing a female the way they stared at her as if she was a piece of Steak. Unbelievable and she wasn’t pretty at all. Got me thinking, she wasn’t wearing anything that could be called revealing, she was really nicely dressed, but the way they were looking at her they disgusted me. But I didn’t say anything cause it would be like banging my head up against a cement wall. “On parle pas Latin devant les cordelliers!”.

We continued after our brief pause and we reached Aqaba where J dropped me off at the Movenpick Tala Bay I got an excellent room ground floor not far to walk  from my room to the wedding (or crawl back as I joked to the reception). I rested a bit and went to the brides suite to do her make-up, it was really a lovely experience the bride, her mother and her sisters were lovely calm delightful such a dream to work on, and above all else chilled…( thank you Farah  & Reem for the lovely wedding, and mabroukers to Farah & Haitham), I think they looked stunning they were all gorgeous.
The party was amazing and everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves, and so did I.
The only negative thing about that happened was as I was teaching an English girl how to dance Arabic a guy walks by and looks disapproving at me and and then goes to his friends and starts pointing at me and talking, so of course I wait and then when he walked by me again and again gave me the look I ripped into him verbally telling him that he was rude and vulgar and people like him should not be allowed out without supervision.
Other than that things went smoothly. How great was the wedding well let me put it this way I went to bed at 03:00, the people were still partying, and I was told by someone that after partying went on for a while and they were so swamped with orders of room service for food and alcohol that that easily covered the revenue of 3 days & nights, add to that so many orders were coming in that even the F&B manager was taking orders! 😀 Now THAT’S a great wedding! 😀

Here’s the rant (you knew there was one coming):

Arab men and alcohol are things that should not be mixed (a generalisation, but in this case generalisation apply), the whole idea of them drinking coupled with a huge sense of insecurity, low self-esteem, frustration, ignorance, stupidity and what have you, this leads to to a volatile mix, the guys get aggressive and stupidly drunk and their frustrations take over, they think they are being manly and macho! NEWSFLASH! You  are being stupid and really just an irritation to your surroundings. If you can’t handle your drink and want to fight everytime you go out, then don’t drink and spare us from your histrionics. We go out to enjoy ourselves not to hear you being loud and irritating everyone around.
You are not smart when you are drunk. Just obnoxious and rude, you are not funny or incisive you are a child. And thus should be treated like one.

To these types of children I say GROW up, grow a pair and be manly enough to be secure in yourself and refrain from bothering others. If you don’t like gays or lesbians black whites whatever keep it to yourself you are only showing your ignorance and stupidity. The smart guys are the ones who keep their opinions to themselves not posting it to the world.

Well that was the rant, now back to narrative.
This afternoon we left Aqaba and took the scenic route back and it was lovely and truly scenic and filled with surprising feature. We saw a Chinese Pagoda right smack dab in the middle of nowhere! (who’d have thunk it). 😀 And later on we saw a truck that had veered off the road, and there were several things to see that were just lovely (not the accidents!), the southern tip of the dead sea which was an amazing all shades of Azure and Turquoise such a lovely colour, the salt flats and white salt were so magical ( of course I couldn’t resist screaming OOooo Look! Coacaine! It was a magically beautiful scenic drive back.
Thank you Tariq Younis for suggesting it.

This just in (attributed to my father reading it in the newspapers)! Did any of you hear they’ve re-instated an old law prohibiting sunglasses while driving? They are now going to fine people for wearing sunglasses while driving… What The Falafel? Well here’s how it will go if they try to that to me, a blood bath! I need my sunglasses because I have Glaucoma and I take a medicine that makes my eyes hyper-sensitive! And I’ll be Damned if I have to stop every 5 minutes and explain and show them a doctor’s report to that effect! Bull-crap! So how dare they it is not a vanity thing but a health thing, it is a necessity!
Has the country become so bankrupt that they have to go on fishing expeditions to collect money however they can? Really? Seriously? What the hell is going on!
Instead of enforcing that stupid draconian law, implement the phone and driving law, also the smoking in your car law, and the myriad of other traffic laws like the smoked/blacked out windows (which are illegal anyway). It is just absolutely laughable and ridiculous…

Thus endeth the rant for this time!

O by the way I said in a one of my previous posts that the younger generation is becoming ubermensches (super-people), I met a 14 year old gorgeous thing who was minimum 180+ now that is something! And the rest of the young ones were gorgeous fit, very body conscious and actually very aware of how they appear, and add to that nicely behaved.


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8 Responses to Road, trip, wedding, and then some!

  1. kinziblogs says:

    Thanks for taking us along on the road trip, Daisy! Feras and J to the rescue on that one. I suppose events like this would be one of the highlights of your job 🙂

    I second you about the places for bathroom breaks: I wish they would have a separate building for the ladies toilets, as stopping there is like running the gauntlet of psychological and verbal sexual abuse. It doesn’t matter how pretty, old or nationality, anything other than male seems game for visual consumption.

    Also, thanks for teaching the American girl how to dance. We just need a little help! I can do the upper part, and the lower part, but not together. Bummer, just can’t coordinate North and South hemispheres.

    • descantia says:

      It is shameful that we have this type of behaviour, but really it is just men being men, in the USA (scratch that anyplace in the world) if you walk past a construction site listen to the cat-calls wolf-whistles comments and all that! It is just common occurrence. But that is no excuse for that type of behaviour.
      Just because men suffer from testosterone poisoning doesn’t give them a get out of jail free card.
      As for the kid in the wedding I refuse to be judged by a child who is spoilt and living of his dads money, he thinks he is cool but he is the sludge you find underneath a septic tank! 😀

      • kinziblogs says:

        Well, having traveled lots, I must say that whistles and cat-calls are preferable to the ‘look that desires to consume’. It’s not a look of appreciation, but of desire to consume and spit out the bones when done.

        Seems the kid at the wedding got the dressing-down he needed a long time ago. 🙂

  2. Tariq Alzaka says:

    I normally do my research about the author before posting a comment, but it may be too late into the night when I stumbled upon yours.

    I appreciated all you said about our country and scenery, people and parties. But I must voice my strong disagreement about the way you described the consummation of alcohol you referred to. I am not the best traveled person in the world but I disagree with you the way you shed the light on out people. The way you were talking, it seems like you have never been to the English night scene (where I spend a fair amount of time there being half english) where at 2 am you can easily view tens of drunken passed out youths all over the sides of the roads mistaking the pavement for their toilets. The girls whose skirts are over their heads not really realizing where they are. The backstreet brawls with no one to help or give aid to the helpless and needy with people passing by acting like nothing is going on. On the other hand many countries associate drinking with organized brawls, animal slaughters and other atrocious acts that I will refrain from describing.

    As scientifically proven, alcohol consumption may lead to a high in “proving of manleyhood” but it happens all over the world. In my experience at least, we as a people are more refrained and our strong security forces control it better than anywhere else. So I found it kind of distasteful of you to actually take time in your article to point it out in such a way where it was one of the main points. Your description of “huge sense of insecurity, low self-esteem, frustration, ignorance, stupidity and what have you” could be applied to any male in his late 20’s. Of course exceptions to the rule apply in abundance, but if your generalizing then I will too.

    In any cause I appreciate your log of your experience of your Aqaba trip, and I totally respect your views whatever they may be. But I also wanted to voice my concerns about your unfair depiction of our youth and their habits. No disrespect to you or your views.

    Respectfully yours,

    Tairq Alzaka

    Twitter: tariqalzaka

    • descantia says:

      Seriously are you trying to tell me that the youth of West-Amman don’t drink and drive their lovely huge hummers, sports cars and cause accidents, then you are wrong!

      As for the British clubbing scene I was part of it , and the Danish and the Berlin night-life since the mid-eighties, so don’t even go there!

      As for the consumption of alcohol. It is a fact (and it was one of the best weddings I’ve been to in a while), just ask the hotel I was there and you were not!

      While I appreciate your misguided attempt at defending the youth of today, I wasn’t complaining about it! Hell I was part of it! So again read what I wrote and how I wrote it. I was just laughing at the amounts of alcohol consumed and amazed. Also add to that the fact I don’t blame them since they were not getting behind the wheel of their killing machines as they would have done if they were in Amman.
      Quoting you: As scientifically proven, alcohol consumption may lead to a high in “proving of manleyhood” but it happens all over the world. In my experience at least, we as a people are more refrained and our strong security forces control it better than anywhere else. So I found it kind of distasteful of you to actually take time in your article to point it out in such a way where it was one of the main points. Your description of “huge sense of insecurity, low self-esteem, frustration, ignorance, stupidity and what have you” could be applied to any male in his late 20′s. Of course exceptions to the rule apply in abundance, but if your generalizing then I will too.”…
      Well if you read rather than skimmed over what I wrote and were so ready to come to their defence, I said the same thing as you mentioned and added that it is something that happens in this part of the world and elsewhere.

      And the depiction is not unfair, it is what I see and experience any given night out in Amman, the brawling, the silliness and the negativity. And yet still I love them and this town for all the variety of fun it has given me.

      Here’s a little added note:
      The difference between Jordan let us say or the UK is that the UK has a drinking culture, and not everyone has a car! Yes the lads in Britain are a violent and rowdy lot. Unfortunately we have also assimilated the worst of it that too, so no one is better than the other, and having lived in Denmark where I saw people starting to drink at whatever time before noon I have seen my share of the sights you mentioned, drunken people sprawled in their own vomit and piss, and the girls with their skirts hiked up to their ears… Thank God we do not have that here, and I hope it will never happen.
      But to try and pretend that the influence is not spreading to this part of the world would be delusional and living in a constant state of Denial.
      I respect your opinion and your effort (though again like I wrote earlier misguided) to defend the people, there was no need for a defence if you read what I wrote properly, I was observing and since this is what my blog is all about observations of situations and things as seen through my eyes, this is my truth, and I appreciated you telling me yours even though they might differ.

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  4. kinziblogs says:

    Hey, do you have a link about the sunglasses ban?

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