Promises promises promises!

Hello Skin Lovers!

Here’s another one of my little scribblings with observations on the world around me…
To rhyme with me, let me bitch about Sarkozy! 😀

Sarkozy, the gnome of a midget A puzzle wrapped in an enigma (not really), he proclaims he wants to do a Mediterranean community a lot like the EU, he wants to force Israel into the mix without reconciling the warring/arguing parties. He supports Israel with a vengeance and opposes a the Palestinians right to their own autonomy. Although the French foreign ministry issued a report saying that nothing will bring stability to the region unless the Arab states are treated equally to Israeli and the world cease their bias towards Israel.

Come on it is not just me, the world is so biased towards the Israeli lobbby and they seem to be scared of them or am I wrong, my theory which I have proposed earlier in my scribblings has been this:
When a European/American sees the people representing Israel (and believe me it is well-calculated) they usually see a calm Caucasian, fair skinned, well-formulated, someone who looks a lot like him, the subliminal message he is receiving is “see I am just like you” so he reacts accordingly, when the Arabs send someone, they aren’t in the same league as the Israeli’s looks-wise, let us say, it is not racism but human nature you deal with your kind. (Although Jordan does have a secret weapon in the United Nations! HRH Prince Zeid Bin Raad! He looks like one of them, since he is half Swedish and extremely well-formulate and educated)… 😀
We need to play the psychological game here, we need to recruit the most of the children of mixed heritage who resemble the Europeans and give them (some of them already do have) the highest educations in political science and rhetoric and unleash them on the unsupecting political arena, teach them yoga to keep them calm and to indoctrinate them into keeping their emotions at a flat-line no matter what is thrown at them. Because the miage thwestern world has of us is the distorted image of bearded fanatics screaming at each other and the world.

Is anyone other than me fed up with Weinergate and and the endless newsfeeds about Weiners Weiner? 😀 Really seriously so a politician was unfaithful, really, big surprise there. I would rather people looked at the damage he’s done to the Palestinian cause and his unwavering support for Israel (I guess he needed their money for his campaigns) add to that his wife is Pakistani… O well strange days ahead.

We were promised new reforms for the government and laws, and yes they are trying to implement them, but how can one respect anyone when the balance is skewed and the ones who scream the loudest get the money. Just yesterday the governate  of Tafilah got x amount of millions while in the North Zip! Why does the North have to kiss posteriors to get a share of the goodness, and still they don’t. Makes you think!

The medical profession in Jordan, my gosh we have some of the best doctors in the region, our board is the only one accepted (or used to be the only one) by the British & American  boards for people wanting to continue and specialise in medicine there. What happened to the ethos of Integrity, honesty, and the oath to do no harm. Time and again I hear horror stories of people being subjected to unnecessary invasive procedures just so the MD’s can finance their new car/trip/ fill in whatever you want here. A friend of mines child had a stomach ache she was seen by a doctor who said the child needed an emergency appendectomy and so the kid went to one of the best hospitals in Amman and the MD there concurred and they were about to  put the child in, when we were phoned and my Dad who is an MD said, take her to another hospital for a second opinion. THey did, and the doctor who saw the girl asked my friend: Did your daughter have a cold last week? And my friend answered with an affirmative. THe doctor smiled and said, at that age it is fairly common for the patients to have a colic after they’ve had a cold. Moral of the story get 2nd and 3rd opinions. The unscrupulous ones will try and scare you but think logically and use your common sense, and always get 2nd and 3rd opinions.
A doctor wants to do an endoscopic procedure on a 4 year old girl because she has stomach aches after eating! WTF? Who the hell does that to a kid until after all resources have been tapped and all options exhausted? It is normal for kids to have aches and pains, and the parents should be alert but not hysterical. As for the mothers there is something called Münchhausen by proxy, a very insidious psychological disorder.
The new trend in ailments in Amman is Vitamin D deficiency, my how scary does that sound, labs left right and centre are saying this to a lot of people. One of my friends went and had a blood test it came back VITAMIN D Deficiency, so she started taking extra Vitamin D, until she took another blood test at another lab and found out her levels were way to high! GO figure.

Greed in all its forms is evil but when greed means invasive surgeries on little children, misdiagnosing ailments, well then people should be held accountable and punished.



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