Now that’s what I call Entertainment!

Hello Skinlovers!

Here we are again, some more musings and pondering on the vagaries of life!

Life is a rocky road where all the road signs have been stolen, you drive around aimlessly and you crash into barriers, fall into potholes, drive off the proverbial ledge and land face-down in the gutter! Yes indeed such is life! C’est la Vie!

Lovers come and go, friends will let you down eventually, and you will get used! Deal with it!

I spent a whole day fielding calls from people and they were consulting me, and do I get anything out of it… Hell no! It galls me, it irks me and actually it gets on my tits. And I still keep on repeating the same mistake of offering my help! People ask me why don’t I just charge people for my advice well… That just isn’t my style.

I have been going through a rough patch, not that anyone noticed much less cared. I am finding more and more difficult to be around people, I wind up staying at home whether due to a psychosomatic reaction to life. I can’t bring myself to be happy or excited about anything! Anhedonia has set in standing on the edge looking into the mouth of darkness and madness yet strangely unafraid, I have been there before.
I have gazed there and wondered what gazed back at me, what is it all about I mused but was not amused by the reply that flew its way back to me, the one that mocks and says NOT A CURSED THING!

Just a few thoughts.


About descantia

A melting pot of contradictions! Artist, Designer (most media), Copywriter, Thespian, Chanteuse, Dancer, Performance artist, Make-up artist and so much more... The penultimate liberal hedonist with conservative leanings! Exacting, free, libertine with a Courtesan mentality! Honest, blunt, viciously unkind when dealing with fools, ingrates, liars, and any deceivers. Detests: Hypocrisy, Disloyalty, Infidelity, Stupidity, Anyone Devoid of Morals Ethics and decent manners and behaviour. Loves being a Snarky Grumpy Bitter Old Elitist!
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2 Responses to Now that’s what I call Entertainment!

  1. kinziblogs says:

    Oh dear, Des, I am sorry to have been one of those inattentive people! I have also failed to pray for you regularly for some weeks, and I will begin again….now. I think it may be time for an angelic visitation. Remember: you are loved!

    • descantia says:

      Don’t be sorry my dear! I know how busy you are. Divine intervention is needed.
      I was going through a rough patch (still not completely out of the woods) my friends are joking that unlike the rest of the world, when it starts to become sunny and bright I slip into a deep depression as summer comes along! But that is okay too, I manage. Life does go on!

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