Who is wrong? Who is right? I just don’t care! I am not going to fight!

Hello Skinlovers!

Just a thought again while so many of them popping are into my head these days!

I am going to write something that will probably offend a lot of people, but they are my thoughts and what I believe and how I see things, they will not necessarily be in line with yours, and this is not a debate, just an airing of an opinion…

‎(Disclaimer: I am not for or against reforms I just like my country to be safe, I do not see the need for protests when the King has promised that there will be reforms, why protest? Shouldn’t they be giving the Prime minister a chance before protesting? The word “set-up!” springs to mind! Bring on the conspiracy theories!)…

For the sake of more clarity and understanding one should also look at what is being said by all sides…


The last few days in Amman have been tense ones! If ever we needed a wake-up call about how divided we are as a people and a nation it has just been given to us.


I am not going to rehash the whole debacle that happened on Friday in Amman it is in the news read it onlne, or see it on youtube, I am not doing your research for you.


So I have this friend who just keeps on wanting to pick arguments by misinterpreting everything and everyone is saying, well I for one am not going to be drawn into an argument about anything but here are my two cents worth:


1) STOP bleating about how shocked you were that the security forces and police reacted the way they did and that people were beaten up? This is not something new, and you were obstructing traffic and you were on a main circle and you KNEW it would happen.


2) DO NOT pretend you weren’t expecting violence.


3) I do NOT condone violence and agree that the way it was handled was not the smartest, but that said I repeat don’t play dumb and say you never expected the reaction.


4) Why were you protesting when the King and the prime minister had already said they were aiming for reforms. So why the protests? You should wait until they fail and then you can protest, that means you could have easily given them 4 months to do something or not!


5) You are not in Egypt or Syria! You are living in an absolute monarchy, the faults you see are still better to the alternatives.


6) We are safe or relatively so, until we go against the wishes of the USA and Israel, remember that, we are only in this haven while we toe the party line. A harsh truth that EVERYONE should learn.

We don’t get money from abroad because we are popular, we get it to shut us up!


7) Yes we have rampant corruption on ALL levels of government and society. But you are hypocrites if you say you didn’t realise! My dears you are inviting self-same crooks into your houses and letting them into your family by marrying your daughters/sisters off to them… So much for “old” families and integrity!


8) We are a country divided amongst ourselves always have been (the 70’s) and always will be. This usually happens when England has had its sticky fingers in our affairs, sectarian strife, north against south, etc. etc. etc. You name it we have it.

If it is not Palestinian against Jordanian then it is Moslem against Christian, and to end it all North against South. When will we ever learn never.


9) Whatever caused the mess on Friday and whomever is responsible, whatever each side claims it is all a game of propaganda. I do not believe either side, but that is my choice. Both sides have lost their credibility.


10)  My final point: This is my country and it is yours! If you do not like the way things are done then leave it is your choice. BUT DO NOT PRESUME TO SPEAK ON MY BEHALF! DO NOT PRESUME THAT YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR ME! YOU DO NOT! I will not stand idly by and see you shatter the status quo! THere are trouble-makers out there with ulterior motives do not trust them! Whatever pamphlet you print with positive words are meaningless if you do not give the powers that be the chance for reforms!


BLoody Hell people, aren’t you seeing the writing on the wall? It is there for all of you to see!


Am I the only one who thinks it is odd for the Iranian Ambassador to be running around daily to every department in a leading university spouting the Iranian party line, and preaching Iran’s own version of what they call Islam and telling us what to do and how to behave in our own country? Doesn’t that tell you some thing?what about the prevalence of all the Niqabs and Burqas, in my area it used to be they were the odd ones out, now…  What the hell is going on? The Islamists are taking over the country bit by bit, but the tribes will NOT allow that, just like they will not allow reforms to take place unless it suits them.

The ideas of liberalism and democracy do not work in this country for the simple fact, that everyone in this country wants to be a leader!

And if you look around we are not ready (and I am talking about the Arab world in general) just look around you! Wake up you are NOT in Europe nor are you in the USA (where democracy is NOT a reality just a façade), so do not bleat about rights, they exist in small measures (yes they do no arguments there, it is the finer details of said rights that are fuzzy) and if you want change it will have to be slowly, because if you try to force it we will wind up the same way as Iran, but before that we will be annexed for the greater good. No confederacy, no independence, no freedom, nothing just absolutely nothing.


Try as I might to understand things I still don’t. But I am not going to let some rabble-rousers and trouble makers dictate how I am going to think. Nor will I be bullied by thugs into toeing the party line. I am myself for myself. I do not care if you are Palestinian, if you are Jordanian, if you are of Palestinian or Circassian, Armenian, Turkish, Greek, Bahai, Saudi or whatever origins, I do not allow you to make a mess of MY country, behave.I am the first to say, whenever a government says trust us that is when you should start asking the questions! Because they are such purveyors of sincerity just like the opposition is too. No People do not believe the hype!

We must fight corruption (which is nearly impossible since a lot of high level official and ex ministers and etc are involved parliamentarians and government officials alike!).


I think the most dangerous questions to ask the politicians (present and past) in Jordan today are these:

  1. Where did you get/obtain this? (min ain laka hatha? in Arabic)…
  2. By what right do you privatise public works without consulting the public.

Jordan is not someone’s private bank nor are we fools. We know full well what goes on and who benefits the most from it, we are after all a small country and nothing escapes our notice. Also some people should remember we are a country and some were here before others, that makes whomever is in charge responsible for our well-being, and that we are their charges, so they should be looking out for our best interests and not  let those who surround them  who have no touch with or clue about the reality of things dictate policies for us.


These are a few thoughts about what is going on now, and no I am not going to debate them these are my thoughts.

Some friend who was at the circle was defending their position by saying they did not block the traffic (well a sit-in on a Thursday, and then continuing on a Friday when you know the maximum people are going into town at one of the busiest junctions in Amman… Hmmm?). And I reply to that, yes you did whether it was intentional or indirect you did cause traffic to get congested and eventually blocked it (yes the police cordoned off the area).

Kudos to the gang of 24, you were well-behaved, you cleaned up after you, and swept the grounds, you were also very organised. That said you cannot pretend you did not know the outcome of this. We live in a society where the masses are not so up to date with what’s going on. They hear the words reform and they instantly think it means anti-government and the king (I am talking about the rural areas).

Also bear in mind we are not ready for “democracy” (whatever form that takes in this part of the world), we are a reactionary lot, for instance with what happened everyone has lost track of what really was the main point: THE REFORMS. No now we are doing the usual, we are playing the blame game and splitting the country apart bit by bloody bit.
We are a cranky bunch and we as a people should learn not to be so emotional (or hysterical as my late mother replied when someone said the Arabs are a passionate bunch!) we should step back and think, be dispassionate, be cold and analysing and above all else remain calm. Reforms will not happen overnight, nor within two months, they take time. I always repeat the mantra: “Give me change but not too fast!” for if it is speeded up and we are not ready for it the only result will be chaos. As you can see by the goings on here and in Egypt where it became a free-for-all.
We are different our society is split in a different way and we have underlying tensions ( of course we do we are human and we are frustrated), we are worried about our families, the cost of living (which is one of the highest in the world), the fact we see public funds and lands misappropriated and in a blatant fashion, we see all these things and we cannot do anything about them.
That said, the powers that be are aware at least now more so than before. Some of you were bleating that the king tried to make reforms 10 years ago and it did not work. Well He is trying again, and this time it is a different climate and a different theme, because of what is going on in the region at the moment. Just remember, give them a chance and if it does not work out, make your feelings known in a proper way, in a venue that will not cause traffic jams and in a civilised manner without hysteria.



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3 Responses to Who is wrong? Who is right? I just don’t care! I am not going to fight!

  1. Dory says:

    “Up yours” is all i can say…


  2. @Orpheus1 says:

    Liked it… here’s two cents from a ‘foreigner’ pfff


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