The End and the Beginning and everything that is in between…

Hello Skinlovers,

Now as then ’tis  simple truth sweetest tongue hides sharpest tooth!

UP and down and four ways ’til sunday…

HYPOCRISY one of the worst things that is typical of the human. I find it irritating how once a year everyone dons their mantle of false cheer and fluid selective memories, and most decide that we ALL HAVE TO BE NICE to one another. EFF OFF and FRACK YOURSELVES! Why not try and be the best human being that is possible the rest of the year, by what virtue did you decide that NOW is the time to be nice? “Because it is the date of Christ’s birthday!” SO WRONG! the 24th and the 25th has NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BIRTH OF CHRIST! That date was used to bring in the Nordic tribes and since Rome was the ruler and major power player the Saturnalia feast date was picked…

  • Was Jesus born on December 25, or in December at all? Although it’s not impossible, it seems unlikely. The Bible does not specify a date or month. One problem with December is that it would be unusual for shepherds to be “abiding in the field” at this cold time of year when fields were unproductive. The normal practice was to keep the flocks in the fields from Spring to Autumn. Also, winter would likely be an especially difficult time for pregnant Mary to travel the long distance from Nazareth to Bethlehem (70 miles).

    “A more probable time would be late September, the time of the annual Feast of Tabernacles, when such travel was commonly accepted. Thus, it is rather commonly believed (though not certain) that Jesus’ birth was around the last of September. The conception of Christ, however, may have taken place in late December of the previous year. Our Christmas celebration may well be recognized as an honored observation of theincarnation of ‘the Word made flesh’ (John 1:14).”

    “…The probability is that this mighty angel, leading the heavenly host in their praises, was Michael thearchangel; this occasion was later commemorated by the early church as Michaelmas (‘Michael sent’), on September 29, the same as the date of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. It would have at least been appropriate for Christ to have been born on such a date, for it was at His birth that ‘the Word was made flesh and dwelt (literally tabernacled) among us’ (John 1:14).

    This would mean, then, that His conception took place in late December. Thus, it might well be that when we today celebrate Christ’s birth at what we call Christmas (i.e., ‘Christ sent’), we are actually celebrating His miraculous conception, the time when the Father sent the Son into the world, in the virgin’s womb. This darkest time of the year—the time of the pagan Saturnalia, and the time when the sun (the physical ‘light of the world’) is at its greatest distance from the Holy Land—would surely be an appropriate time for God to send the spiritual ‘light of the world’ into the world as the ‘Savior, which is Christ the Lord’ (Luke 2:11)” [Dr. Henry M. Morris, The Defender’s Study Bible (notes for Luke 2:8,13)].

(The word “Christmas” means “Christ mass,” a special celebration of the Lord’s supper—called a mass in the Roman Catholic Church and a Communion supper in most Protestant churches.)

  • Why do many Christians celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December, if that is not when he was born?

    The date was chosen by the Roman Catholic Church. Because Rome dominated most of the “Christian” world for centuries, the date became tradition throughout most of Christendom.

    The original significance of December 25 is that it was a well-known festival day celebrating the annual return of the sun. December 21 is the winter solstice (shortest day of the year and thus a key date on the calendar), and December 25 is the first day that ancients could clearly note that the days were definitely getting longer and the sunlight was returning.

    So, why was December 25 chosen to remember Jesus Christ’s birth with a mass (or Communion supper)? Since no one knows the day of his birth, the Roman Catholic Church felt free to chose this date. The Church wished to replace the pagan festival with a Christian holy day (holiday). The psychology was that is easier to take away an unholy (but traditional) festival from the population, when you can replace it with a good one. Otherwise, the Church would have left a void where there was a long-standing tradition, and risked producing a discontented population and a rapid return to the old ways.

    Now that that has been cleared up (no I am not going to get into why the whole thing was political etc etc etc not here not yet, shelve that one for another time) …

    I tried so hard to be so positive this year, not a successful endeavour. I failed miserably. I am suffering from terminal Anhedonia and I really am finding it hard to suffer joyous fools easily! 😀

    Okay yes I am grumpy, our dear friend MAik is leaving us, and we are going to be hard pressed to find another person with his generousity and hosting abilities.
    Maik has been responsible for some of the most pleasant weekend barbecues and fondue nights and more. Sweet, nice accommodating Maik you shall be sorely missed by the Amman DIVAS! 😀

    Looking forward to Christmas dinner at “J”‘s, I was supposed to do a duck, but have been relieved of that duty by J and now I am responsible for the champagne…

    Well let us see what happens between now and NEWTS EAR! 😀

    I shall probably bitch about something by then, but for now I will recover from the last 2 days my back is killing me (Work darling not pleasure)…

    Until I write again, be of peace and blessed… Always! 😀




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