Silence Equals Death! (Thoughts on December 1st World Aids day).

Hello Skinlovers!

World AIDS day is here 1st of December. THe world AIDS day where most of the world comes together and decries hypocrisy, bigotry, general ignorance and all forms of unintelligent propaganda.
THis id the day set aside where people can actually try and bridge their differences and make a stand against this deadly disease, there are two diseases I feel passionately about, Cancer & AIDS, why you ask? Well, since the 1980’s and I have been watching sweet beautiful people dying of both diseases.  But when it comes to AIDS the stigma attached to it and the way people who have HIV+ are treated even in the so-called civiised world makes me livid.

Here in this part of the world the hypocrisy is even more rampant. The powers that be under the influence of the extreme religious factions do not even want to discuss it and will not let others discuss it too. We do not have such aberrant behaviour in our heaven on earth! Really CAptain Oblivious, really? Let’s see, you go out and travel abroad and screw around (unsafe sex, because you wouldn’t know what a condom was if it came up and throttled you!) get all sorts of communicable diseases Aids being the worst of them, you come back to your country and pretend to be holy and spread your pestilence there. No of course you do not want to talk about sex and protection…

By trying to ignore the fact that AIDS does exist, you are apreading the disease and enabling its viral outreach. Then you have the “Anonymous AIDS test” (Quotations are there because it is anonymous until you get a positive result, then it is not anonymous any more, so much for privacy and anonymity!).

One thing we learnt from the hysteria of the 1980’s is this:
By trying to sweep this disease under the carpet you are setting us up for a major epidemic, I have heard of so many young kids having unprotected sex and exposing themselves to all forms of disease, spinning the roulette wheel  of death, thinking mistakenly that they are invincible, newsflash my children YOU ARE NOT!

Never before have we had access to such information as we have know, yet we still live in ignorance.

I wrote this piece as a comment about an article criticising the Danes, but it can really apply here too:


This is basically an article by Denmarks LGBT head stating that the danes have become Apathetic because they’ve never really had to fight for their rights unlike others. That they’ve gone from being a land that prides itself on freedom and human rights to spoilt brat. (DK was the first country to have a sex change operation, to legalise pornography, to have registered partnerships which lead the rest of europe to follow eventually!).

I agree with him I have said this for years the Danes are spoilt brats, he goes on to mention how he met someone online in Denmark  who said he wanted to found a right wing nationalist party to get rid of the homeless (by burning them in containers), and “Those gays who refuse to fit in with society” to throw bombs especially under the gay-pride march! (remember this guy is gay too!). With compalcency comes extremism, and then with apathy you get those extremists to take over.

I find it extremely worrying that instead on focusing on AIDS, hate crimes that a lot of gays are fighting for this stupid right to be accepted by the church, the clerics and all that. I say screw that, let the civil-marriage with ALL the rights (yes even adoption) be cemented, and forget religion, GOD knows who you are and you certainly DO NOT NEED A MEDIATOR! It is that simple according to the clerics of most religious denominations: “GOD HATES FAGS!”


Stop kissing the clerics asses when they do not respect you (okay a very finite number do understand and respect but their religious movements DO NOT!).

I also believe in the rights of Gay people to bear some form of arms, “ARMED GAYS DON’T GET BASHED!” (see…”

This is an example, we are our own worst enemies, we cannot agree except to disagree, we fight like cornered rats, we kill maim and do other things to each other, we rip each other to shreds instead of standing together in a united front saying, enough is enough until when do we have to put up with their insanity.

So this December 1st light a candle put it in your window offer a prayer for the dead and the dying, and send positive thoughts to the sky. Because if we remain silent we are just as culpable as the others.


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