What the Hell! (pun intended)…

Hello skinlovers!

Under the heading of: عبدة الشيطان في الاردن … صور http://jordanevents.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-post_18.html

Devil worshippers in Jordan”.

The long and short of this shoddy piece is this, that any big party where the kids go to listen and dance to some type of music (some Moslem brother ignoramus cannot understand) and where girls are wearing t-shirts and and jeans (she is naked according to the same ignoramus), is a party for devil worshippers!

The author of this piece says that black metal is prevalent, common, and dangerous.

Here’s the problem, when you have an illiterate idiot who is not of the social strata the kids come from, then of course anything alien that you do not understand will come under the heading of the devils work.

The kids themselves aren’t really helping either, they are going for the “Goth” & “Emo” look without understanding it.

What’s even funnier is the twit who wrote the piece keeps on referring to Egypt and Egyptian authorities and what they are saying! Why? Because no one here will admit to anything and the police know how much trouble they will get into if they arrest the son of some high powered person and try to stick the charge of Satanism on him. And that to me is good, because, at some point any rave or big party ran the risk of some feeble minded person coming in getting a culture shock and closing the party down under the pretext of “Devil-Worship!”.

There are references to some cases of people who were arrested in “96/”97 and that is the best he can do…

I also know someone who was having parties for guys who enjoy the company of other guys, and the police took him in and made him sign a paper that he wouldn’t do “Devil-Worship” parties again, so now the minority is demonised and associated with Satanism? What the hell is up with that?

Articles like this will attack the youth, and in turn the youth will feel disenfranchised and turn to more and more silliness.

And like I really am going to take the word of the mufti’s of the Azhar mosque who can be bought! As an example a few years back, one of them stated that smoking was allowed in Ramadan and that it would not break the fast, well I am sure no one checked his bank accounts!

Ignorance is rife and people like the guy who wrote this article are the most dangerous of ignorant fools, they incite to intolerance and to violence.


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4 Responses to What the Hell! (pun intended)…

  1. carl says:

    Seems to be the owners of small minds that do not think

    • descantia says:

      And that is just the tip of the Iceberg, the things written about women’s rights, equality, gay rights and anything that the west remotely considers as “Human Rights” is astounding in its Abysmal ignorance.

  2. Travis Bickle (Omar) says:

    Wow, I have obviously been blind to how nescient the authorities of that place really are.
    The joys of living in the west.

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