Vive La Difference!

Okay Skinlovers

This video is making the rounds…

It is about the East-West divide.

Now let me see how to say this without sounding like an elitist! Wait a second I am! There has always been and will always be a divide. What I find funny is that some of the people expressing horror at this divide and posting the video as if it is their civic duty, actually are from some of the most privileged families in town, it is nice to know that they have a clue now!

As for the poor/ not so privileged. Well not to sound mean, but seriously 5 children and they know they can’t give them the proper care and education, and even though there are campaigns out there about family planning they still go on and have litters of 3+ up to 8 and they barely have the ability to feed them. BLame that one on two things religion ( they believe that God will provide) and from this chestnut from a Palestinian woman who was having her 13th child “Who else is going to free Palestine!” (really Einstein, having a multitude of under educate, impoverished families is going to free Palestine, newsflash, you have just fallen for the oldest trick in the book, you have played into the hands of the zionists by having so many children you can barely have time to think or even free yourself and you want to free Palestine, not going to happen dear!).

There is also the problem of envy, I have heard it more than once by taxi drivers and others “Look at those spoilt people, I deserve this more than them! One day we will tear down their houses brick by brick and put them all to the wall” to which I reply that they better shut their mouths and work hard, and then maybe they can slowly get themselves to that state. My parents worked for their money, they were on call  24hrs/7 days a week/ 365 days a year. So they deserved some luxury for working so hard. so it isn’t all who have cheated and stolen their way to wealth, there are actually some who worked their asses off to get that money.

I admit there are people out there you want to slap silly, valet parking for schools, well don’t look at it as a luxury look at it as a necessity, so there isn’t chaos like you see in other schools. They have valet so effing what? O what a big social stigma that is! NOT! Think about it in this way, the trickle down effect, someone is giving people jobs, and contributing to the economy.

I am sick and tired of coffee table socialists (or they think of themselves as Socialists) who talk about poverty and famine while sitting down at a 5 course dinner to talk about famine and poverty!

So they showed a guy who loves art, it is HIS money he WORKED for it! So what business is it of yours to critique him for buying art or even collecting it, at least he is supporting the artists and the arts, whether he understands it or not, is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, his money his choice on how to spend it.

So bravo let us promote the difference, let us promulgate and enforce the stereotypes!

This just in: The divide will keep on getting bigger and the separation even wider because that is just the way of the world. You have to just muddle through and do the best you can, because unfortunately that is just the way life is!

Like someone said in the documentary, ambition, chances, and education is the key. And yes there are differences in perceptions, ways of being, but that is just how we are, this is what makes us as a country, we are so mixed so varied so profuse in our eccentricities that I have this to say: “Vive La Difference!”


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2 Responses to Vive La Difference!

  1. shufimafi says:

    I am sick and tired of coffee table socialists (or they think of themselves as Socialists) who talk about poverty and famine while sitting down at a 5 course dinner to talk about famine and poverty!


  2. descantia says:

    Someone just called me an Elitist, as if I should consider that an insult! How funny! 😀

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