Government Enforced Terrorism ( no nothing to do with rockets and such)… The title says it all….

Hello Skin-Lovers!
This is from Ramadan (Wednesday, August 04, 2010) but I wanted to post it, it goes along the same lines as self-censorship, and fanatical repression of knowledge through perpetuating ignorance!

Government Enforced Terrorism ( no nothing to do with rockets and such)…

The title says it all….

So we approach Ramadan and all the hypocrites will be bleating “We are fasting” and announcing it to all asunder.

So here is my gripe with the whole thing, but first let us define what Ramadan is all about.

Ramadan is a month of fasting, which takes place every year at different times according to the appearance of a crescent moon, fasting starts from sunrise until sunset.

The month is supposed to be a month of religious contemplation and thanking God and for people to feel with the poor.

And here is where it goes wrong:

1) Feeling with the poor in the form of fasting, yes people fast but they also use it as an excuse for gluttony and greed when the fasting is broken at sunset, they spread out huge gigantic feasts, forgetting that they are supposed according to the scriptures to break their fast with a little bit of yoghurt and some date, a light meal.
2) The government enforces a “No Eating” in public law… Where’s the free-will. The whole point of Ramadan is to feel with the poor and that the routine of your day should not be changed or manipulated to suit fragile souls. Things should resume as they normally do, because a poor persons life does not change.
3) Scoring points with God, so God is using a score card these days very interesting.
4) Hypocritical behaviour running riot, people who drink and screw around all year all of a sudden develop a mantle of holiness, really, who do they think they are fooling? Definitely not God who is after all “All-knowing!”.
5) Bad tempered behaviour, you hear this constantly: “Don’t bother/talk to me I am fasting!” So now you are using that excuse, well Sherlock newsflash by uttering such statements you have broken your fast, by behaving rudely you have broken your fast. BY shouting you have broken your fast.
6) Religion is also about behaviour and manners and racing towards home at demonic speeds cutting people off and swearing does two things: Breaks your fast, and is reckless endangerment, and all because you want to pig-out when the sun goes down.
7) Ramadan tents and entertainment are an abomination, greedy hotels set them up to make money, and you can be sure none of it reaches to the poor.
8) People start using their fasting as an excuse for being non-productive, so sorry you feel you have to use God as a scapegoat for your laziness, it is really not my problem. YOU CHOSE TO FAST AND NO ONE FORCED YOU! So get over your whining and get to work.
9) Behave with civility and manners, respect others.
10) Did you know that if someone is fasting and they receive a guest who is not, and they offer said guest something to drink and eat, the person doing the meal or serving the drink gets the cool points with God? Just a little extra information.

I have nothing against Ramadan, but I do have something against Hypocrites and liars, and I do object to the government interfering and making laws for something that is initially a matter of “Free-will”, the choice of whether I want to fast or not, is mine alone, and if I happened to be thirsty I want to be able to take my drink whenever I want, and not risk being thrown in jail for a month, because of some draconian law that is not supposed to be there in the first place…

Hey but that is just my take on it!



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  1. Haitham says:

    Just noticed it’s 4 years old 😀

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