We Are a Mess Part I

On Why we are a mess!

by Walid Zou’bi on Monday, 27 September 2010 at 22:02

Hello skin lovers!


Just got back from the book fair, and I bought two books in arabic, one was by a writer/thinker called Adonis, in which he tackles how we are prohibited from thinking through fear, and we have a become a non questioning and avoidance culture (or lack thereof). He attacks the way fear is used to stop anyone from thinking and asking pertinent questions. (will fill you in on the details when I have finished the book.

The other book I bought because just reading the back cover it made me livid, I was literally shaking with anger I am posting the back-cover with this note so those of you who read Arabic can see what I mean! If this is the level of how low we as Arabs and Moslems have sunk things  really look bleak for the future. How dare they allow such crap to be printed, well I guess it is a an eye for an eye thing for all the erroneous things printed about Islam in the west.


The Book is called:

الصفحه السوداء للكتاب المقدس

Scary stuff…

Amongst other things the author casts aspersions on the holiness of Old & New testament/Gospels, he claims the Nazarenes/ Nasara are idolaters and worshippers of Satan!



Just reading the backcover made me shudder, and think to myself, how screwed up the Moslem/Arab world is if someone can say these things and get away with them.

I for one am a healthy sceptic when it comes to the Papal bulls and the Catholic doctrines, and their purveyance of sincerity!Mistranslated gospels or not (going on the premise that a lot of the things handed down to us via the Catholic church, some of it must have been lost in translation! From Aramaic, to Greek, to Latin & then to English, Chinese whispers anyone?). But to use language like this author does is unacceptable,  he should be flogged thoroughly to a bloody pulp!

I believe in Egypt it is rife and rampant this intolerance, I overheard an Egyptian one day speaking about some christians and calling them Apostatic Sinners who are going to hell! My reaction was as follows: I told him off for being intolerant and ignorant, then I said their books were older than ours and in Islam we are adjured to respect “The people of the Books” which means Jews and Christians alike, I also informed him that by saying they were going to hell he actually insured his  place there too, because he presumed to take on God mantle of power!


I hate Bigotry, intolerance, and most of all ignorance, whatever religion you are, whatever creed you follow, the main leveller in ALL religions is TOLERANCE! Learn it and live it!

Scan of the backpage of an evil book




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One Response to We Are a Mess Part I

  1. descantia says:

    I just can’t seem to get myself to read it, everytime I pick it up I throw it across the room!

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