More artsy Stuff.

Greetings Skinlovers.

Here are some varied artsy stuff to alleviate the doldrums of the ambience in this town. Amman/Jordan. 😀


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So no surprises here. Move along!

Greetings Fleecelings.

Hello there Skinlovers. Gramma’s back.

In case anyone was living under a rock there have been demonstrations in Jordan about a tax law, and not even 24 hrs after that they tried to hike the prices on everything. Electricity, fuel, water (funnily enough though electricity and water were privatised).
Let me break it down for you.
In most civilised countries taxes are raised proportionate with the cost of living, meaning that when you raise taxes usually wage raises are also to follow, but not in Jordan, it seems some companies take it upon themselves in the spirit of patriotism to cut wages using the tired old chestnut of “you know times are hard”. Well The latest fiasco was a tax law that required EVERYONE over the age of 18 to register for a tax number, whether you are working or not, and that every month you had to fill in a paper stamped by every single gvt institution that you didn’t owe them anything or have any properties and such. Disregarding the fact that they excised and removed any tax breaks and lowered the taxation limit from 24/25 thousand to 8000 to 4000 Jds, yes indeedy (allegedly) am not a tax person but you get the gist. Add to that the exorbitant amount of VAT, add to that that 40%+ of your mobile phone (excluding VAT and special tax of 3% goes to the govt again the numbers vary).
In most countries when you pay taxes, you are given things in return like education, healthcare you know small things like that. But it seems we in this country are here to fill the coffers of the treasury after the govt has squandered everything tima and again (allegedly) you get the gist again. The people have had enough it seem. They are all saying the same hands off our paycheck. Did I mention the idea that even if you are not living in Jordan you have to have the tax nr, and fuill out that form, yes indeedy and if you fail to do that you will be fined,  do the math we are nearly 6 million people I rest my case. But what would I know I suck at math. 🙂

The disconnect between the present govt and parliament (of the people) and the people is astounding. The sheer hubris and temerity of them to think that they can just keep on raising the taxes and then blaming the IMF and the World Bank, that doesn’t fly anymore.

So to sum it up there might be a reshuffle or a total change of govt/parliament and so on and so forth in the offing, here is the rub. We are one of those countries were we have had more reshuffles than anywhere else in the world. The ministers who were incompetent get their retirement salaries/pensions whatever happens if they’ve served a year or a day it’s the same (so I am told).

I am just pondering what is going on.

Failed nuclear programmes foisted upon the people (costing double digit millions a year for writing reports), now they are looking for another company to build the reactor since the first one pulled out. That means more reports (for double digit millions a year have to be written).
Roll backs on the incentives of Solar/ green energy. Need I say more. Remember this is from governments that promise alternative energy sources, and then rolled back and raised taxes and taxed everything to do with green energy.

Did I miss anything? Do correct me if I am wrong with my information.
The information I have are readily available I didn’t make anything up so, please feel free to correct if I got anything out there wrong.

Enjoy your day.

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Videos purporting to be of use while spreading a false sense of hope.

Hello Skinlovers.

Grumpy Gramma’s back.

With regards to the “it gets better” video (the arabic version):
It gets easier for whom exactly? Not the ones living in the middle-east/the region. Just because some NGO sponsored a chirpy little video the reality on the ground is far from optimal (as you well know).
People can still get ostracised & killled by their families.
I applaud the efforts and the courage of the participants in this bit of propaganda. But the reality so not safe, and what good is it to know “you are not alone” or “it gets better” says who?
My advice to the younglings struggling is tolearn martial arts, and work on their self-esteem and make something of themselves. Because with that kind of strength NO ONE can bring you down. NO ONE!
Become more insidious and militant but be savvy about it.
The main thing is to keep fighting through the courts and politicos. And get every bit of foreign aid to have the “Human rights of gays” attached to it. Once the wallet is hit then they will start to change their perceptions.
That is how you affect a change.
Maybe it’s because I fought so long that to see this video and the false security and promise it brings that just irks me and rubs me the wrong way.
It’s that usual promise of nothing that gets me. A promise that they can get help and that it gets better. But not really. THey have more role models these days, which is amazing. But still the mentality of the region backwards and obsolete, archaic in its structure.
I want to see REAL help not some empty platitudes of false aid where none is forthcoming.
I feel such sadness for the youth of the region who really stand to lose all their rights and the right to living based on some stupid macho-posturing created by homophobes who run the various institutions that prey on the “weaker” segment of society, the outcasts if you willl.
But that’s just me.
I really am fed-up with the whole west philosophy of “we know what’s best for you let us tell you how it should be” mentality, O really like the spreading of democracy in oil rich countries? Hmmm?
Like the fact you go in create chaos without understanding the culture?
Like the fact at the first sign of trouble you flee with your tails between your legs?

I am old and I have seen it happen too many times to fall for that schpiel.

So no thank you. Harsh reality is that it doesn’t get better. But you can make a stand by not being weak, and not letting anyone run rough-shod all over you.

Stand your ground.
And pick your battles well.
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Scintillating nothingness.

Greetings Skinlovers.

It has been ages since I had something to share with you. And to be honest I don’t really have anything earth-shattering just yet. I will maybe in  amonth.
Other than that it;s just been more of the same. Except for the fact that I hate humanity even more (obviously not ALL humanity but a huge percentage of it let us say roughly 88% and the rest are verging between tolerated and YESSSS Kindred spirits).

I find people these days entitled and obnoxious. I cannot fathom that kind of narcissism. I just cannot.

To honest maybe it’s me that has set the bar so high on the ethical and moral front that no one can live up to it. Well at my age you can choose to be picky. I would rather be alone than miserable in a crowd. Yes indeedy.

Just thought I would give you a little update. At the beginning of the year I said it’s more of a health thing now. so let’s see.

I suddenly developed a high blood sugar count (588) it spiked because in Nov/Dec I stopped drinking water and started drinking packaged juices (not fresh), Sodas, and loads of milk, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I got a spike in my sugar levels.
I started on metformin and within a month I had brought it down to 230 and 128. Depending on the day. I also had my meals delivered for me for a month and I lost 2.5kgs of fat and my muscle mass increased from 36% to 38% with no exercise.
I am happy with the results, but I have another good news lost 3 kgs of weight too.

My eyesight is a completely different matter, as things were I suddenly discovered on the 14th of feb that my eyesight shifted from myopic to far-sightedness, and now another shift took place back to myopic within a month the MD’s are stumped.
As for my glaucoma it is stabilised the eye-pressure is a steady 13 (that is with severe allergies so my doctor is happy with that).

Anyway slowly but steadily it is going upwards (fingers crossed). But as long as insomnia and stress are a major part of my life I am indeed buggered.

I will put some artworks here, but must say I haven’t been active in drawing or anything.

Have a good one.
Happy Oyster. 🙂



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Christmess Hells (Christmas Bells)……. For whom does the bell toll…..

Greetings Skinlovers.

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything. So here we go.
I think this post will me a potpourri of subjects.

The season is upon us and people rolled out the “Christmas Cheer” (you know the one they dust of once a year instead of being kind all year round). No I am not going to bitch about those have done so in the past (read my past blogs).

Yes I am still cranky, I thought with the passing of my father I would de-stress but no now it has fully blossomed into distress. Seems like people have this fear that death is contagious so one is ostracised from “Social Events” which is fine with me. I can live with that.
That said peopling is really an irritant to me in general because of their inability to compartmentalise their superficiality. O well.

I am sorting myself out and finding my way through the mist of their nonsense. Like I said before there used to be a safety valve pressure release filtre but now that is gone. I will say and do as I please more so than I did when father was alive (yes, I took his thoughts into consideration, does that make me false, no just considerate).

Now is winter of my discontent, now is the time to shed all the nonsense (and maybe some weight).

What boggles the mind is that people are unable to comprehend that one is not sociable just yet.
So I miss out on a lot of things because people assume one is not interested.

Anyway throughout this one discovers ones good friend and closer acquaintances, which is good, one mustn’t rely too much on Social media friends who are also frienemies. 🙂

That’s enough waffling on for now. will share some pictures with you. (hope I haven’t repeated to many……:-D



This one is unfinished.    

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Ruminations on mortality…..

Hello Skinlovers.

Long time, as some of you may have noticed I haven’t been posting in a while. Many things factored in that.
Mainly I was overwhelmed, physically and mentally drained.
My father passed away on the 20th of July. It was 14 daays of sheer hell for him before that, pneumonia, water on the lungs, and sepsis.
It was an ordeal, he passed he is at peace and main thing is that no more suffering for him.

These things happen all the time it is part of the life cycle, but what boggles the mind is how people deal with it.
For example my brothers and I are very Scandinavian like that, we deal with realisms and practicality while we see others being histrionic. I am just amazed at the socially awkward platitudes that spout forth from peoples mouthes. It’s fascinating in a tragi-comic way.

People who are usually well-formulated wind up with a strange form of foot & mouth disease where each time they open their mouth they put their foot in it.
Here’s a friendly hint:
If you have never experienced loss of loved ones, or death of any sort, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and DO NOT give the greiving person any advice on what they should do. Another prohibited thing is to ask “What are you going to do now”, really? Seriously? Nope no not all done.
Keep your council to yourself. The only persons that have any form of allowance in these matters are people who have lost loved ones.
Losing a parent is the one time where you stand back, and say NOTHING (if you haven’t been down that road), just show that you are there.

Another funny thing is how people treat you like a communicable disease, avoiding you for fear of cathing “It”! I mean it is tragi-comic, and absolutely laughable.

And to the narcissistic pricks who somehow cannot fathom that this is a provess, but in their egocentric world they phone you and here’s how the conversation can go:

Person: How are you? ( and before you can say anything)
Me: I……
Person: My (Any person who is in their life) is (insert inconsequential irrelevant problem)……
Me: I………
Person: Rants on……..
Me: Whoa Nelly. W The FLying Fuck….. Do you think I really want to hear that right now, really? On what plain of existence do you think it is okay to phone me and start painting your melodramatic shit on me?
Person: Why are you so touchy?
Me: Hangs up. And blocks number.

Yes people like that exist.
I could regale you with stories from other kinds of situations like this but suffice it to say I will not.
I think this clarifies a few things.

Will try to be more active in posting stuff.
So now these dates are the “Handle with care” dates for me:
20th of July.
28th of August.

Be safe live life.

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Art for art’s sake a journey through some recent works……

Hello Skinlovers!

Just a friendly reminder that I do draw.





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